2) Bampay

BAMPAY is an Artificial Intelligence Module Platform, building the bridge between the centralized and decentralized finance system. BAMPAY is independent from interme-diaries, such as banks, financial institutions of any kind or the SWIFT system. BAMPAY is the Next Generation Decentralized Finance System, which is not subject to inflation.
BAMPay turns cryptocurrencies into direct payment. Everyman around the world will pay with cryptocurrency for dinner at the restaurant, for rent or for goods in the supermarket. Our Decentralized Finance Model is the bridge between the world of cryptocurrecies and the real world.
It will open undreamt-of possibilities regarding finance and investment models.
We will no longer be subject to the risks associated with the existing Centralized
We are also bringing to our community a revolutionary initiative that lets you track the crypto markets and safeguard your investments at the same time